There are two types of people who work as “actors” in our industry;

  1. Those who want a career and want to work at it.
  2. Those who just want to do anything on set and have a bit of fun.

Those in number 2 are easy – they can get work on casting sites and with extra and commercial agencies.

The first list however have a different requirement and the first thing they need to know is how the industry works and how to manage their career, because that is what it is, a career.

So, if you are serious about being an actor you need;

  1. Advice on what are good jobs and what are not.
  2. Why some work is bad, or at least not helpful to your career.
  3. What a useful credit is.

You also need to know;

  1. What your type is
  2. What your material should look like and how to achieve that.

If you don’t know these things then you just become another one in the numbers game.

David Rapaport tweeted this  photo a while back – it highlights how much of a numbers game this is and if you don’t know how to play that game, and don’t have the team around you to help you learn and smooth the way then you will struggle to gain traction.