Why I love actors

I recently received this email from a casting director:


“We have been so privileged to spend a weekend watching the most beautiful performances from every actor we recalled. We are so humbled by the talent we have witnessed and the spirit of good will. We are truly spoiled for choice. Now we start a jigsaw of piecing together the spirit as well as looks and ages of our characters. No matter what, we want to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the incredible actors who have given us so much to think about.


And from myself, it’s a privilege to be in the room when beautiful work is bringing to light the depth in the writing from generations of stories, thank you!”




In all my years as a talent rep, I have seen this maybe, a dozen times.


And it makes me feel good. Most importantly it makes my clients feel good.  Appreciated.


Why do the same actors get all the auditions?

Why them and not you?

Essentially the director and / or writer knew them, trusted them and they are right for the role.  Simple.

So how do you get to that place?

You have to gain the trust of the casting director.

Which is fine for me to say but if you aren’t getting in the room how can you do that?


In 7 days everything could have changed

In 7 days, your life could look different, in 30 days it could be different.Isn’t that a hopeful thought?Wherever you are right now, in 7 days you could see things differently.Today is but a moment in time and you choose now what the next 7 days will bring.I read this in a group I belong to and it resonated with me, and judging by the responses, it resonated with a lot of people. We are all hoping to be somewhere, to achieve something and often that is all it is – a thought, a hope, a dream. But what if it was more than that?


Before you celebrate that booking……

Before you start celebrating that commercial booking – stop and think.

Al work is not good work.

You can damage your career or impact your earning ability by accepting anything and everything.

This week I had an example of how this can happen.

A client who did a car commercial two years ago for $500 via a casting site, wasn’t eligible to audition for a car commercial this week. The fee, if he could have auditioned and got it, was $12,000.

Why couldn’t he audition?


Why You Need Casting Services

The major ongoing expense for actors today is online profiles on casting services.


Every day, someone says I can’t afford this one or that one.


I get that.


Life as an actor is tough. Your income is rarely guaranteed and some years many will not earn at all. You may have a great year this year and nothing for 2 years. It happens.


However, the adage “advertise always and especially in adverse times” applies here. There are thousands of casting directors, directors, young film makers and their teams, scouring the internet every day.


Casting Services give the industry professionals two very valuable tools.


Is it a numbers game?

There are two types of people who work as “actors” in our industry;

  1. Those who want a career and want to work at it.
  2. Those who just want to do anything on set and have a bit of fun.

Those in number 2 are easy – they can get work on casting sites and with extra and commercial agencies.

Those in number 1, however, have a different requirement and the first thing they need to know is how the industry works and how to manage their career, because that is what it is, a career.


Is signing with an agent the end game?

Do you think that signing with an agent is the end game?

That’s it. Now you can sit back and they’ll make your career. Right?


What you have done is engaged the interest of someone who thinks you have potential. It might be your look, your training or even your current level of acting ability or talent. Whatever it is, you currently have their interest.

But here’s the kicker.


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